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My name is Marianne Vahl, I am a Philosophical Counselor and Vocal Coach. I am based in Oslo (Norway).

I hold a Masters degree in Philosophy (UiO) and have additional educations in pedagogics (PPU/UiO), Musicology, Mathematics and Science.

I am a certified Philosophical Practitioner (NSFP) and authorized teacher in Complete Vocal Technique (CVT).

Currently I offer 1:1 online singing lessons and  philosophical counseling!

Send an e-mail and request for info about 1:1 lessons at info@mariannevahl.com


In my Vocal Practice I wish to help you improve your vocal fitness. To enable you to use your voice in as many healthy ways as possible. To increase your ability to express yourself

To achieve this we will work on changing unhealthy or restricting habits by training your muscle memory.

Sentral in my training is breath work and in becoming aware of voice restrictions and muscle tensions. I believe this is connected to the way you think. 

When speaking, performing or presenting; to come across as authentic - knowing yourself is essential.

I have positive experiences in combining philosophical counseling and vocal lessons. 

Do you want to try?

Send me an e-mail at info@mariannevahl.com

"I would highly recommend Marianne to anyone interested in improving their singing. I basically started right from scratch, having not sung since I was a little girl. I am now in my early 30´s. 

For the past year Marianne has helped me with all the basics of singing, which has in turn improved my voice and increased my range and pitch. Marianne has a very good musical ear, detects my challenges and consequently offers me different options on how to solve them. 

Marianne has a very pleasant and positive nature and I have enjoyed every single lesson I have had with her.
I will continue using the things I have learnt from our sessions in my future singing journey. 

I have progressed from being ashamed of my voice to someone who can now sing in front of people and actually think I sound pretty good, knowing it will only get better with more practice. "
Natalia Vatsvåg


Philosophy as an attitude embracing the unknown,  to have the guts to ask questions about what may seem obvious, to challenge habits and presuppositions, to question what we believe to be true.

In my coming courses I wish to apply wisdom emerging from thousands of years of philosophizing to help you develop your philosophical skills.

Skills which can help you to better deal with daily challenges, in performance situations, in life in general, or like now - to deal with disruptive times.

To train your Philosophical Fitness!


If you want to know more about how you can train your philosophical fitness, you can have a sneak peek for FREE in my mini-course inspired by Stoic thinking.

Yes I want FREEBIE!


Hope to see you in one of my courses or in a 1:1 lesson!

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@garasjefilosofen @marianne_coaching


For more information about me and my work check out my LinkedIn account.

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